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Music Therapy

Music therapy can help reduce stress and enhance cognitive skills.

"I'm confident that music will take its place among medical therapies. To me, there is no doubt that music is a wonderful gift to us and has many roles in our lives. Nothing is as soothing or as freeing to the soul as music." Judy Martin-Urban, co-author with Courtney Larson, I Can't Remember Me. (More information about Judy and Courtney's book can be found in the Brain Injury Books section.)

The American Cancer Society reports, "Music therapy is often used in cancer treatment to help reduce pain, anxiety, and nausea caused by chemotherapy."

Other clinical trials have shown that music therapy benefits a person by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

In case you're wondering, Music Therapy is a Health Care profession that requires a degree, an internship and passing a national exam administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

While the Mozart effect comes from a scientific study that says classical music increases brain activity better than other types, the American Music Therapy Association says all styles of music can be effective in producing positive results.

While Beth lay in her morphine-induced coma-like state, she could hear and think. She could "replay" music in her thoughts and she attributes some of her more peaceful moments to those musical thoughts.

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"Knowledge is Power to a Brain Injured Person "

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