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What Was The Original Purpose of a Bidet

What Was The Original Purpose of a Bidet

Many people wonder what a bidet is, well it is a bathroom appliance that aids in the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene after you use your bathroom. Majorly this appliance is useful to the disabled, the elderly and women who are menstruating. Basically, a bidet is helpful to individuals who find it hard to use toilet papers or deem them to be unhygienic. The bidets are fixed on your toilet seats and they use the same water fixed to it. To perform the cleaning, they shoot a stream of water either to your vagina or anus. This gives you a gentle cleaning without necessarily using a toilet paper.

Types of Bidets

According to bidet seat comparison chart there are various types of bidets, some use distinct washbasins which use cold and hot stopcocks. Commonly they resemble the normal toilet, however, they cannot be used for bowel engagements urinating purposes. Strictly they are used for cleaning thereafter.

The other type is the built-in bidet seat comparison chart. These are fixed along with the toilet to minimize on space utilization. This mode is very efficient and it does not require the user to move about all you need is right there. It also has amazing features such as deodorizers, warm air cleaning drier and hydraulic seats that open automatically.

Health Benefits

A bidet has many health benefits including preventing the user from the toxic-shock syndrome disease which is caused by faecal bacteria, this is a rare disease but when contracted can be serious to women who experience it. The moist nature of private parts can cause bacteria to develop around the anus which may eventually enter the urinary tract or urethra and cause infections such as kidney infections and many others.These are the reasons why people currently prefer a bidet.

Nowadays using a toilet paper is considered not being hygienic because this method of cleaning the anus sometimes does not remove all the faecal matter, the faecal matter will accumulate and develop bacteria that is not only dangerous but can also result in a bad odour. A bidet is like a shower for your anus, it will always wash you clean leaving you clean hence no chances of bacteria developing in your private area.

Using toilet paper frequently causes irritation of the anus that can cause anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and chafing that can cause pain when wiping in sensitive areas. It’s also not recommended to use soap in the anal or vaginal areas due to a drying effect on the sensitive mucous membranes which don’t have oil producing glands. Toilet paper can cause tiny tears in the sensitive areas of the anus or vagina resulting in an increased risk of infection. Bidets can also flush bacteria out of areas other than just the surface, which is impossible with toilet paper.